You Move, You Control

Forget about buttons, forget about complexity, you only need the power button to start the action with a wave 

of your hand to control everything

With KINTROL, you are the controller, move to control, listen to music, watch movies, view photos, 

and even go through your Microsoft office files with just a move

KINTROL is software that uses Microsoft KINECT to control your computer easily without the need of 

any keyboard or mouse, and open all your media files easily

KINTROL can open all videos (avi, mpeg, wmv, …), audios (mp3, wma, wav, …), pictures (jpeg, bmp, gif, …), pdf files and Microsoft Office PowerPoint and Word files

KINTROL is the ultimate solution to give your presentations and to impress your customers

You will be able to read the news from your favorite sources, read your social networks feeds, watch YouTube videos, and much more

KINTROL will shift your life to a new fantastic way from the future

Experience the difference and get KINTROL

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