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We all know that teams with the best quality people perform at a higher level. Leading organizations know that exceptional business performance is driven by superior talent; people are the difference, while talent management is the strategy by which COREations operates. Analyst research has proven that organizations using talent management strategies and solutions exhibit higher performance than their direct competitors and the market in general. Leading companies, such as COREations invest in talent management to select the best person for each job because they know success is powered by the total talent quality of their workforce.

If you're looking for a unique career experience, if you want to improve your career, if teamwork suits your style, COREations is the best place for you come and join the winning team.

Currently we need to hire a new "Graphic/Web Designer" with the following skills:

Job Description:
We are currently seeking an experience Graphic Designer to join our growing creative team. This Designer will require delivering creative websites’ designs, social media apps design, etc. This person will also work closely with the UX/UI team on various projects to improve the website's overall look and feel.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Graphic/Web/Communication Designs.
  • 1-3 years of graphic web design experience.
  • Strong proficiency in Creative Suite
  • A strong and clean visual design sense.
  • User interface design experience is must
  • Solid knowledge of UI design and its basic components: HTML, CSS, and XHTML.
  • Solid understanding of layout, typography, color, and other design principles.
  • A portfolio demonstrating designs.
  • A deep understanding of branding concepts and online marketing principles
  • Proficiency with design software such as Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator.
  • Familiarity with social media interfaces: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • Familiarity with graphic design for mobile platforms.
  • JavaScript and jQuery knowledge.
  • Execution of trendy design work for different social media platforms.
  • Basic knowledge of any of the animation and composing tools: Photoshop, Aftereffects.... etc. for social media basic animation work.
  • Collaborate with other departments to create and integrate design work through delivering quality work that meets both the requirement and deadline.

Mansoura, Egypt

Email us at if you're suitable to this vacancy.

Currently we need to hire a new "Global Sales Executive" with the following skills:

Job Description:
COREations is seeking an individual to provide sales for their entire array of product offerings. This includes selling and pre-selling website/software design, develop, web hosting, mobile applications, internet advertising, and other internet marketing based services including consulting, targeting established, medium to high level businesses. If you believe you can strongly contribute with your unique set of skills and experience then please forward your cover letter and resume to us.

Recommended Qualifications:

  • Must know his/her way around the Internet.
  • Assesses the needs of potential clients and provide them with the solution that best fits their business needs.
  • Follows up on new leads and referrals resulting from field activity.
  • Experience in researching various topics online.
  • Must be able to work in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment and be self-directed.
  • Extensive web and Internet knowledge.
  • Familiar with Internet advertising campaigns and online marketing strategies.
  • Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • A true fascination and passion with the online world.
  • Excellent public relations and interpersonal skills.
  • Courteous, conscientious, professional in both presentation and appearance.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
  • Skilled at hunting/developing new business.
  • Well-organized and self-motivated work habits.
  • Accomplished persuasive sales techniques and negotiation skills.
  • Effective time and territory management skills.
  • Demonstrated performance above quota.
  • Be self-motivated, and driven by results.
  • Focused and hard working with the ability to multi-task and work under deadlines.
  • Be very determined, thorough, responsible and structured.
  • Above average computer skills.
  • Fast and eager learner.

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Currently we need to hire a new "Software .Net developer" with the following skills:

Job Description:
As a Web developer, you are an expert in using the dynamic programming tools and languages that fuel the Web. You might work independently or be part of a team that builds and integrates interactive Web sites, applications, and services for both internal and public sites. Your role is to make it work, which means developing Web applications and testing them on various browsers, enhancing and modifying them as necessary to ensure the best experience for the user. As a web developer, you might also architect websites, design data-driven applications, and find efficient client-server solutions. You must have an in-depth understanding of the software development lifecycle and be able to communicate project status, issues, and resolutions.


  • Be proficient in HTML and XML
  • Understand object-oriented programming
  • Solid understanding of the ASP.NET applications event model
  • Be proficient in using Microsoft ADO.NET for database access
  • Application and page life-cycle management
  • Security aspects, such as forms authentication and membership and roles
  • ECMAScript (JavaScript, Microsoft JScript)
  • Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Configuration and deployment of Web applications
  • Consumption and creation of server controls
  • Troubleshooting and debugging of Web applications
  • ASP.NET AJAX and client-side scripting
  • Targeting mobile devices
  • Database and Data access by using ADO.NET 4.0 applications
  • Data retrieval by using DataSets in ADO.NET 4.0 applications
  • Data updates in ADO.NET 4.0 applications
  • Application implementation by using data services

Mansoura, Egypt

Email us at if you're suitable to this vacancy.

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